Jean-Noël Rivasseau
Director General, Kameleoon
Jean-Noël Rivasseau
About the speaker

Founder and CTO of the international company Kameleoon, which is one of the leaders in A/B testing, personalization, and predictive analytics in online marketing.

After graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique, part of the prestigious Parisian scientific cluster of Paris-Saclay called the French Silicon Valley, Jean-Noël formed a team of the best minds (including PhD in Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Architecture and Engineering, Data specialists), who graduated from the best higher engineering schools; his aim was to create Kameleoon Artificial Intelligence.

Every day, the R&D team uses the latest technology to achieve maximum results. Since the company was founded in 2009, Kameleoon has gained trust of more than 450 companies (Decathlon, Le Monde, Auchan, Nespresso, Credit du Nord, etc.).