12:00 — 13:30 Секвойя 1-2
Panel discussion. A boring store dies

100% shelf availability, cleanliness, and all the usual attributes of a "good store" do not help: dozens of chain stores are closed globally every day! Our market in Russia has not yet reached the stage of oversaturation with sales floor areas. But the trend works for us, too: boring stores are getting worse! What is the store becoming? What are its new functions as a part of omnichannel/digital sales? What is the role of Click & Collect in it, why is it almost always an additional purchase? How to make your brands and products free from monotonous shelves and racks? How to turn a store into an entertainment mecca, and how much to spend on retailtainment? International and Russian brands will share their stunning ideas and will talk about possible steps and solutions.

Maria Golenkova, marketing director, Inventive Retail Group
Маркетинг впечатлений

Ольга Згера, руководитель проектного направления диджитал, «Ашан Ритейл Россия»
От магазина к "life store"

Татьяна Клименко, директор дивизиона детских товаров, Inventive Retail Group

Ernst Consenheim, Strategy and Format Director, Partner JosdeVries The Retail Company

Андрей Полосухин, креативный директор, Disney
Лицензирование 2.0: эмоции, которые продают

Татьяна Сергеева, директор по маркетингу, ТСС

14:30 — 17:00 Секвойя 1-2
Case session. Disruptive technologies in retail today

There are more and more innovative solutions in IT, replacing each other. However, taking the path of innovative growth is a very difficult decision for a retailer. Regardless of the scale of the business. So far, only large market players create their venture funds and open their own incubators and business accelerators. They create management systems for pilots.

A community of people, who professionally manage innovations in retail, is still very small. And their burden is hard! But their mission is beautiful — they are Retail Disruptors! Retail Business Russia and the Retail Academy, together with a team of pioneers of retail disruption, retail innovation, are creating a “SANDBOX” from the leading chains at the summit site.

Григорий Винокуров, директор по развитию бизнеса, NtechLab
Искусственный интеллект на страже магазина. Инновационные решения для внешней и внутренней безопасности

Fabricio Granja, Information technology director, X5 Retail Group
Как заработать миллиард с помощью логов

Sergey Doschenko, Executive Partner, Gartner Russia
Розничный бизнес 2025+

Максим Зайков, руководитель направления инновационных световых решений, Philips Lighting
Коммуникация, навигация и анализ покупателя с помощью света в комбинации с повышением энергоэффективности с использованием IoT

Yevgeniy Nelepko, Innovation Project Manager, Leroy Merlin

Сергей Широков, руководитель службы клиентских проектов, «Эр-телеком холдинг»
LoRaWAN&Retail: практика применения технологии для развития бизнеса

10:00 — 11:30 Секвойя 3-4
A congress of contemporary consumer- Oriented manufacturers. Case session. The major trend for 2018: industry leaders’ breakthrough into digital and omnichannel trade

Modern technologies in retail have created unprecedented opportunities for all market participants, both chains and manufacturers. The time for a clear division of "duties" is gone, manufacturers are developing their own expertise in retail to be closer to their end customers and to keep the profitability of their business. The leaders are actively investing in their digital channels and in branded stores. Sales on digital marketplaces are growing. In fact, not only sales & marketing are rapidly changing, but all business processes. How to transform the manufacturer's business successfully today? How to achieve a two-digit sales growth in partnership with the marketplaces and using your own stores? How to boost sales in other people's digital channels? And, most importantly, how to provide the customer with the best (unique, modern, and seamless) experience with your brand? Discussion and valuable cases from the leaders!

Maxim Korseko, Director General, Philips Consumer Goods, Russia and CIS
Digital трансформация в малой бытовой технике: глобальные тренды и реальность России

Виктор Крылов, региональный директор, Exponea

Ekaterina Petukhova, Brand Manager, Etam and Undiz Russia

Irina Sadchikova, Marketing Director, ROCKWOOL Russia
Digital трансформация строительной отрасли: новые инструменты продвижения и продаж

Aleksey Fedorov, CEO, 220 Volt

14 september