14:30 — 16:00 Sequoia 3
Round Table. Manufacturers – new online retailers

Manufacturers continue to increase direct sales online and actively go online. The increase in sales volumes, the development of loyalty programs, the accumulation of data about their customers are still key factors in the decision to develop their own e-commerce for manufacturers.

For whom direct online sales – are image project, who experiments, and who makes a profit today?
Is it possible to increase the margin of sales by reducing the sales chain or the costs of developing a new channel and logistics eat up the entire margin difference?
Everyone is talking about big data, but do manufacturers know how to use data?
How to set up end-to-end analytics and learn how to return a customer?
Own e-com vs. marketplace. Advantages and disadvantages of marketplaces as a sales channel, the share of marketplaces in the structure of direct sales of manufacturers.
Do you need a special assortment for online (exclusive, customization, large packages, cheaper materials)? Who among manufacturers uses it and what results it gives?

Ruslan Drozdov, Head of E-Commerce, Podeba Vkusa

Maxim Zakhir, General Manager, Lanit Omni

Anna Kaleeva, Marketplace Director, Ozon

Filipp Labkovskiy, Director of E-Commerce Department, Tervolina

Tamari Miminoshvili, CEO, Store.cointelegraph.com

Andrey Safronov, Head of E-Commerce, Fischer

Vladimir Sinelnikov, Managing Partner, Aero

Anton Smirnov, Head of Direct Sales, Panasonic

Ivan Khoroshilov, Head of E-Commerce, Nespresso

12 april