15:00 — 16:30 Sequoia 1-2
Case session. Content is the king. How to win customers’ love with the right content strategy and competent positioning
Newsletters that are interesting to read, social-network posts that people cannot miss, a website blog that any media outlet will envy — are they real?
The best way to increase brand loyalty is to have a competently built strategy of content marketing and promotion. It is a known fact that content marketing is a long-term game where a return of investment may be significantly delayed; but so far, this type of marketing still remains one of the most effective approaches in different business areas and especially in e-commerce.

How to start speaking the same language with customers? How to prioritize the channels correctly? How to embed information about goods/services into content successfully? How to organize one-click buying?

Yana Dramaretskaya, Head Of Online Retail Department, Estée Lauder Companies Russia and CIS
Storytelling as a Way to Increase Customers' Loyalty to Premium Cosmetics in Online Stores

Ekaterina Petukhova, Brand Manager, Etam and Undiz Russia

Ekaterina Plaksina, Head Of SMM and Content Marketing, Divan.ru
How natural content strategy helped divan.ru to sell 5 million more through Instagram

Ahmed Hassan, Head of Hill’s Pet Nutrition in Russia, Colgate-Palmolive
How content plays a key role in brand

Victoria Sharapova, Etam and Undiz in Russia
We see, but do not hear. How can mass market brands enter the dialogue with audience

11 april