10:00 — 12:00 Sequoia 1-4
Opening of the forum. Opportunities and risks of business development on the DIY & Household market

2018 was very eventful for the DIY&Household sector in Russia. Two players with a worldwide reputation at once left our market. Finnish company Kesko announced the sale of its stores under the brand "K-Rauta", and shortly after the British Kingfisher announced plans for closing the chain Castorama.

Also, the unexpected events of 2018 include the bankruptcy of the Russian plant for the production of power tools "Interskol", which occupied 19% of the Russian market.

However, while some suffered losses and closed their stores, others maintain impressive growth rates.

Leroy Merlin plans to grow to 150 stores in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus by 2021 and increase the turnover by 558 billion rubles, and by 2022 to increase the share of the Russian DIY market up to 26%. BTC "Petrovich" the fastest growing player in the market of DIY and cereals the largest domestic retailer of products for construction and repair. For example, in central federal region only its turnover increased by 78% and in general in 201, the company managed to achieve a record in its history: growth by 30.55% (instead of the planned 20%) with revenue of 49.3 billion rubles. Other Russian companies also can boast of impressive results.

  • Two major international DIY chains are leaving Russia. How will this affect the market in 2019?
    What have suppliers and retailers lost and gained in the short term?
  • Two market leaders are growing at a breakneck pace
    How to use this fact in own development strategy?
  • Why do some companies suffer losses, while others show sustainable and steep sales growth? What is the difference between the three international companies, if we discard the size of Leroy Merlin?
  • New stores, new formats, new channels. What are the prospects specifically at hypermarket?
    What is the next generation Leroy Merlin hypermarket?
    How to rebuild own sales concept?
  • What macro trends in consumption we see?
    What’s new on the housing market, country estate and commercial sector?
  • What novelties and how to bring to the market this year?
  • Domestic production of household goods and repairs. What are the trends in quality, cost, manufacturability of production? Is the production base for private labels growing?

Maria Evnevich, Co-Owner and Member of Board of Directors, Maxidom

Antonio Linares, Country Manager and Managing Director of all the subsidiaries of ROCA in Russia and CIS, AEB Board Member

Evgeniy Movchan, CEO, BTC "Petrovich"

Andrey Simkin, Director of Procurement, Leroy Merlin

Aleksey Fedorov, CEO, 220 Volt

Alexey Filatov, Founder, BBCG and Retail Academy

Pavel Shalnov, Managing director - Head of consumer and retail, Sberbank

19:15 — 20:00 Olive 1-4
Special project. Work in groups by product categories and in thematic groups on "acute pain". SWOT analysis of threats and opportunities for development

For productive work we will be divided into groups. Each delegate of the summit will be able to choose the most important group for him. Groups meet product categories and several "sharp topics.»

In each group, the formulation of a specific problem may differ. But all the "trademark" groups should conduct a SWOT analysis of threats and opportunities for the development of the product category, including determining the most promising niches for certain important subcategories. Groups "Private Label", "Big data" and others will solve independent problems.

  • "Building materials and joinery"
    Captain: Mikhail Chistyakov, "Building materials and joinery", Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Windows"
    Captain: Yannik Muish, Leader of the Strategic Market "Windows", Leroy Merlin
  • "Tooling»
    Captain: Anton Kharchevnikov, "Hardware and tools" Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Garden"
    Captain: Natalia Tanygina, "Garden" Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Doors and handles"
    Captain: Sergey Popkov, "Floor coverings and storage" Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "The world of the bathroom"
    Captain: Svetlana Konyukhova, "Bathroom world" Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Paints"
    Captain: Olga Baeva, "Paints and lighting" Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Utility systems"
    Captain: Evgenia Ostrovskaya, "Climate and Comfort" Category Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Private Label"
    Captain: Ilya Prokofiev, Private Label Development Director, Leroy Merlin
  • "Extended product offering. The longtail. Marketplace"
    Captains: Alexey Rimmer, Project Manager “Marketplace Seller”, Leroy Merlin
    and Konstantin Nagaitsev, Head of the Project "Longtail", Leroy Merlin
  • Big data"
    Captain: Veronika Lutfullina, Head of Big Data Direction, Leroy Merlin
  • "Supply chain optimization and planning"
    Captain: Anna Goncharova, Head of Logistics Suppliers, Leroy Merlin
13:45 — 15:00 Executive lounge
Closed round table for heads and top managers of Diy & Household retail chains. Executive lounge

A PATH TO ECOSYSTEMS IN RETAIL. How to create collaborations and develop business in interaction with marketplaces, digital social platforms.

IKEA has recently become the first retailer in our sector to attract a large digital partner. The partnership with YouDo.com allows the company to provide its customers with a more flexible and affordable service. For YouDo.com, a partnership with IKEA will attract new customers.

This is just the first example. The near future of the retail business and the business of manufacturers will be inextricably linked with the development of large ecosystems, digital platforms, and social communities, both online and offline. For the first time, a business summit includes a working meeting with digital platforms (like Yandex, Ozon, YouDo, Profi.ru) and retailers.

*Participation on special invitation

Maxim Genke, Commercial Director, Hoff

Natalia Gordon, Client Service Director, Leroy Merlin

Maria Evnevich, Co-Owner and Member of Board of Directors, Maxidom

Степан Кузнецов, управляющий директор, дирекция развития цифрового бизнеса, Сбербанк

Solomon Kunin, CEO, Goods.ru

Denis Kutergin, Founder, YouDo

Marina Levina, Co-Owner, CEO, TheFurnish.ru

Antonio Linares, Country Manager and Managing Director of all the subsidiaries of ROCA in Russia and CIS, AEB Board Member

Anton Makarov, Founder, CEO, Divan.ru

Natalia Peksheva, CEO, Tsvet Divanov

Alim Uderbekov, CEO, Gdematerial.ru

Konstantin Fedorov, Co-Founder, Ruki Service (hands.ru)

Alexey Filatov, Founder, BBCG and Retail Academy

Andrey Tsyganok, Founder, Boomplanner.ru

Katerina Yudina, Founder and General Manager, Legko.com

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