Closed round table for heads and top managers of Diy & Household retail chains. Executive lounge

A PATH TO ECOSYSTEMS IN RETAIL. How to create collaborations and develop business in interaction with marketplaces, digital social platforms.

IKEA has recently become the first retailer in our sector to attract a large digital partner. The partnership with allows the company to provide its customers with a more flexible and affordable service. For, a partnership with IKEA will attract new customers.

This is just the first example. The near future of the retail business and the business of manufacturers will be inextricably linked with the development of large ecosystems, digital platforms, and social communities, both online and offline. For the first time, a business summit includes a working meeting with digital platforms (like Yandex, Ozon, YouDo, and retailers.

*Participation on special invitation

30 may, 13:45 – 15:00