Plenary session. The future without a hypermarket. How do retailers transform their stores, test new formats and become more accessible for customers?

Now is the time when retailers step aside from traditional major hypermarkets and start developing miniversions of their stores. The search for new formats is prompted by a decline in consumer traffic in large stores, as well as the opportunity to be closer to an evolving consumer and place retail units in facilities of any size. For example, IKEA is actively developing a new format of small design studios in the area of 150– 200 sq. m. Leroy Merlin, OBI and other key market players also announced the creation of mini-stores.

  • How do stores evolve? Are we looking for a new single super-format or does the future belongs to a wide variety of concepts?
  • How exactly will the market change due to this hypermarket transformation?
    Which current players will win and which one will lose?
  • How should companies build their long-term strategy considering the new trend?
30 may, 12:30 – 13:45